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23 March 11

my illustrious career path

after I graduated from St. Olaf College in 1999 I have done the following:

-Animator/Producer @ Lasertainment Productions Inc., 5/99-8/99. it felt like longer than 3 months. yes, I produced laser-light shows. like you go to the planetarium or a theme park to see. we actually made some pretty cool stuff. and our demo room had some bitchin’ black light carpeting. my fellow animator, Jay, was cool, the laser techs were low-key redneck stoners, the sales guys were… sales guys, the payroll/HR lady was the boss’ girlfriend, and the boss was a competition-level foosball player. and when I was looking for apartments he encouraged me to consider a double-wide trailer. true story.

-Designer/Illustrator/Pre-press Technician @ Graf-X/The Publishing Group, 8/99-6/00. No longer in business. Printing/publishing company formed through the old Type House/Duragraph companies. We did lots of airline in-flight mags and a kid’s mag called Suprises - which was what I was mainly hired for. I was hired away from Lasertainment by someone they had as a client - the business partner of the owner of Graf/X. He wanted me to come work on his kid’s magazine. I spent… %20 of my time on the kid’s mag and the rest of the time doing/learning whatever I could to make myself relevant and useful. I learned everything about pre-press: file setup, pre-flighting, trapping, spot colors, color management, scanning, film output, plate-making, stripping film, etc. - pretty much everything except running the actual presses. One of the things I worked on was Rubba Ducks.

-Service Bureau Coordinator @ MCAD, 7/00-2006. Managed operation of the college’s in-house print and copy center.

-Director, Print Technology Services @ MCAD, 2006-Present. Manage and oversee all of the college’s print-based needs and facilities, both administrative and academic, including the Service Bureau, Digital Print Lab, and analog darkrooms. My main focus is on the academic side of things - overseeing and managing the use of print-related technologies within the curriculum. I give in-class demos and presentations, work closely with faculty and students on projects, and train/teach student SB staff. I’m lucky to work in a lively and creative environment with lots of amazing, fun, and talented people. It’s the sort of job that almost never feels like “work” so I feel pretty lucky for that. My job has changed and evolved over the years to the point where it never gets old or too boring. Today, among other things, I worked on setting up network-based queues for some of our Epson inkjet printers.

-Freelance illustrator/comic artist, 99-Present. I’ve done a lot of random stuff. Client highlights include: Prince Tennis, Freespirit Press, Lerner Publishing, The American Lung Association, and Activision.

-Self-Publisher @ dementian comics, 99-Present. I’ve published 9 books encompassing the Stylish Vittles and Nothing Better series, got nominated for an Eisner, got reviewed in Entertainment Weekly, Publisher’s Weekly, The Onion AV Club and some other cool places, and won a Xeric Foundation grant.

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh